Reaction to G7 foreign and development ministers’ statement on COVID vaccines

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Responding to the announcement today that G7 countries will work with industry to expand the production of affordable COVID-19 vaccines Oxfam’s Health Policy Manager, Anna Marriott, said:

“The G7 has failed to take back control of COVID vaccines from the pharmaceutical corporations that continue to decide who lives and who dies. Relying on them to voluntarily share their vaccine recipes has so far denied access to these life-saving tools for billions of people.

“Instead the G7 should urgently put their support behind the waiver of intellectual property protections on COVID-19 vaccines that over 100 countries, led by India and South Africa have been demanding for six months, and since which over two million people have lost their lives to coronavirus.

“As thousands of people die daily in India, the continued failure of the G7 to break with the pharma-controlled monopolies is inexcusable.

“With a massive shortfall in vaccine doses already crippling COVAX, it is disappointing G7 leaders still refuse to use their powers to remove the legal barriers that are stopping many more qualified manufacturers across the world from making vaccines, which would be the best way to ensure a People’s Vaccine rather than a profit vaccine.”


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Notes to editors:

Recent polling carried out on behalf of the People’s Vaccine Alliance found the majority of people in G7 countries believe that governments should ensure pharmaceutical companies share the formulas and technology for the COVID vaccines.

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