Reaction to Net Zero Strategy

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Responding to the Government's Net Zero Strategy, which has also been submitted to the UNFCCC as its Long Term Strategy, Oxfam's Head of Government Relations Sam Nadel said:

"Solid progress has been made today, but let's not pretend this is mission accomplished.

"One key omission is the absence of any commitment to end new licences for oil and gas exploration, and to phase out production. With plans for a new coal mine in Cumbria, and the approval of the new Cambo oil field near Shetland hanging in the balance, the Government's stated priority of encouraging other countries to phase out coal looks very shaky.

"This strategy sets the bar high compared with many other countries, but the Prime Minister's ambition to 'lead the world' does not end here. The COP26 climate summit is 12 days away and yet pledges by other governments to cut greenhouse gas emissions put us on course for an increase in global emissions by 2030. The long-standing target to provide $100 billion in climate finance also remains unmet."


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