We Care and Oxfam reaction to the end of Universal Credit uplift

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Joint reaction from Oxfam and our partner, the We Care Campaign. We Care is a grassroots campaign run by unpaid carers across the UK.

Katy Styles, chair of We Care said:

“It has been heartbreaking to hear of the impact the cut will have on our community of unpaid carers. People have told us that they will only be able to afford to heat their children’s bedrooms. That they already work round the clock for a poverty wage and with living costs rising, have no way to close the gap.

“People shouldn’t have to choose between heating or eating. We need to keep the lifeline, extend it to those on legacy benefits and support unpaid carers and their families to live, not struggle. Carer’s Allowance is still only £67.60 a week and many unpaid carers are excluded. The cost of caring could fall on any one of us, at any time.”

Danny Sriskandarajah, Oxfam GB chief executive said:

“Removing this safety net, despite warnings from across the political spectrum, will cause immense hardship to families who are already barely keeping their heads above water. Many people who rely on Universal Credit are carers, both unpaid and paid, who contribute so much to our society for little reward or recognition.

“It cannot be right to take away a lifeline that analysis shows will push half a million more people into poverty, including 200,000 children.

“Adequate social security gives people the stability they need to improve their lives - the Government should reverse this decision and keep the lifeline, extend it to include those on legacy benefits and provide carers with the support they deserve.”

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