6 Unique Father’s Day Gifts

Our guide to unique Father's Day gifts that make a difference. From pre-loved clothes to life-changing charity gift cards, find the perfect gift.

1. Sustainable pre-loved clothes

Summer is finally here and you can bet that means dads all over the country are wondering why they haven’t got enough shorts (when summer is only four months long, who does?!) so a second-hand pair from the Oxfam Online Shop is just the ticket! It’s also the perfect time to wear ALL the vintage Hawaiian shirts. Before jumper season returns.

A stock photo of shorts and a shirt

2. Some super old books

Who doesn’t love an antique book? Perhaps you’ll find a classic mystery thriller, a rare first edition, or a vintage book of birds. A Tolkien or a Graham Greene. There are so many hidden gems to be found, check them out!

An old copy of The Lord of the Rings

3. Mad Dad vinyl

From relevant-in-these-times title Who’s Zoomin’ Who by Aretha Franklin to records by Charlie Parker and Marvin Gaye, an avalanche of Beatles records, records by Fleetwood Mac and the Ramones.

An image of a vinyl record

4. There When It Matters charity gift

Give the gift of support with the "There When It Matters" Oxfam Unwrapped charity gift. Your purchase supports vital disaster relief efforts, like those that helped people in Malawi and Mozambique re-build life after Cyclone Freddy. This gift helps empower communities to bounce back from devastation by providing aid for essentials like food and water storage. It's a heartfelt way to show Dad your love and gratitude, thanking him for always being there, no matter what.

This gift There When It Matters" provides essential disaster relief, ensuring aid reaches those in need promptly.

There when it matters Unwrapped Charity gift

There when it matters Unwrapped charity gift card - This gift is there when disaster strikes.

5. Bee The Change charity gift

Why choose this “Bee the Change” Unwrapped charity gift? Besides bringing a smile from Dad (and perhaps a few bee puns), this gift card champions sustainable practices. Every purchase aids us and our partners in empowering farmers to innovate, cultivate drought-resistant crops, and explore beekeeping. This Father's Day, by choosing this gift, you're not only celebrating Dad's greatness; you're also contributing to sustainable agriculture and fostering positive change in communities.

This gift supports change.

Bee the change Unwrapped Charity gift

Bee the change Unwrapped charity gift

6. Buckets Of Hope charity gift

Celebrate Dad's compassion with the “Buckets of Hope” Unwrapped Charity gift. An ethical gift idea for an armchair activist. Your contribution supports Oxfam and our partners in delivering sustainable water solutions, from enhancing current wells to installing pipelines for village access, alongside storage and treatment options. It's not just a gift; it's an emblem of love, empathy, and solidarity. Join us in creating ripples of change and spreading joy in 2024!

This gift brings clean water to communities in need, fostering health, hygiene, and hope for a brighter future.

Buckets of hope Unwrapped Charity gifts

Buckets of hope Unwrapped charity gift card

For more ideas check out our Father’s Day gift guide.

Remember, Father’s Day is 16 June and our last order date for Father’s Day delivery is 8 June!