What is Gift Aid? And how signing up can raise 25% more

Remember, remember the 5th of… October – because today is Gift Aid awareness day! But what is Gift Aid? And why is the impact it makes so important to charities that it gets a whole day devoted to it?

Gift Aid

Gift Aid is a government scheme that allows charities to reclaim a basic rate tax (25%) on your gift, whether that is a financial donation or items, increasing the value of your donations at no extra cost to you.

Let’s visit the Oxfam Superstore in Oxford and see how Gift Aid adds up on real donations in store…

Kai Pitman

An image of a mug

I’ve picked up a mug worth 99p...

Kai Pitman

An image of a vinyl record

a vinyl record worth £12.99...

Kai Pitman

An image of a games console

and a games console (in immaculate condition!) worth £34.99.

Without Gift Aid the sale of these three items would raise £48.97, but as these items are Gift Aided their sale will raise £61.20! That’s just over £12 more than they would have raised without it.

£12 may not sound like a huge amount of money, but it make can be a part of making a huge difference.

Funds raised from the sale of Gift Aided donations can go towards work like supporting climate activists, partners we work with leading change in their communities and projects fighting poverty around the world.


A graphic explaining how an item worth £8, will raise £10 if it is Gift Aided. The graphic explains that £10 can be used to provide emergency hygiene products to a family in the event of an emergency.

Get involved

  • You can sign up to Gift Aid online, or in store on one of the tablets near the till.
  • New Gift Aid signups receive a unique donor number and membership card.
  • Online sign-ups will also receive a sheet of Gift Aid tags, pre-printed with your unique number, which you can simply stick on to future donations to apply Gift Aid.

Once you’ve signed up to Gift Aid we’ll keep you updated twice a year, on how much your items have raised, so you can sit back, relax, and enjoy making 25% more impact with every donation!