Scam warning

Oxfam has received several reports of recent scams trying to fraudulently use its name.

These fraudulent messages often carry Oxfam’s name and logo and appear to be authorised communications from Oxfam. We would encourage anyone receiving such messages to exercise particular vigilance when interacting with third parties over email, internet, phone or text message. Fraudulent third parties representing themselves as Oxfam may attempt to gain your personal or financial information or exploit you for financial gain.

For information on how to spot the most obvious signs of a scam, and what to do if you've already responded, please visit the National Cyber Security Centre website.

Recent examples

  • 'VIP' prizes: A Whatsapp Group, OXFAMVIP825 and website, are claiming to give people the opportunity to win prizes if they sign up to the VIP version of the site. This requires bank details and payment to get access to. This isn't genuine and the site has been identified as malicious.
  • Donations: SMS message thanking people for their donations. Recipients are given the opportunity to 'cancel their subscription' which takes them to a website. Neither this message, nor the website it links to, is genuine.
  • Regular donation changes: SMS message stating that an increase in your regular donation to Oxfam has been requested. Message appears as if it has been sent by their bank, which might encourage people to call the fraudulent number back.
  • Lottery prize: Email, SMS, WhatsApp or Messenger message claiming that recipient has won the lottery. Recipients are asked to provide personal contact details or make a payment to claim the prize.
  • Job offer: Online advert is placed for a job vacancy at Oxfam. Respondent is asked to pay a fee (e.g. for a uniform or background checks or insurance) before receiving a job offer. 

These are scams or phishing attempts. They are not genuine. Oxfam does not send unsolicited messages claiming the recipient has won a prize, or to request personal or financial information. Oxfam does not ask any potential employees to pay a fee before being offered a job.

We strongly advise anyone receiving any such messages not to respond.