As the world rolls out Covid-19 vaccines, our life saving work continues.

Nobody is safe until everyone is

Infections are soaring for millions of the world’s poorest people – with no proper vaccination programmes in sight. A new wave of Covid-19 can be devastating for people living in crowded conditions where they can’t socially distance. The spread is unpredictable, and we urgently need your help to make sure we’re ready to scale up our response for the next country that needs it.

We are supporting people to

  • A man wears a mask and sits at a desk next to stacked clear buckets containing hygiene essentials like toothbrushes

    Prepare for tomorrow by staying clean and healthy

    We are working to stop the spread of Covid-19 by providing soap and hygiene facilities, training public health promoters and distributing vital medical equipment so that people can stay clean and safe.

  • Three people stand in social distancing spray painted circles on the ground near a tap

    Survive today by getting safe clean water running

    We’re working to help people who are suffering the most from the pandemic, by distributing the emergency essentials they desperately need for their families.

  • Adapt for the future by supporting those who have lost incomes

    We are supporting businesses by covering employee wages until they can get up and running again. We’ve also provided support for school children so they don’t miss out on their education.

Elena Heatherwick / Oxfam

How you can help

  • £10 could buy four Oxfam buckets to help children like Gudoo in Pakistan stay safe from coronavirus
  • £35 could help a family stay safe from coronavirus by providing a hygiene kit full of life-saving essentials
  • £50 could buy a handwashing station packed with essential features to help people stay safe from coronavirus

Your donation will be used to fund all of our work, wherever the need is greatest.

Fighting Covid in DRC

Espérance is a nurse caring for Covid-19 patients at Kasaï Hospital Kinshasa, in The Democratic Republic of Congo. Here she describes the equipment and support she and her colleagues have received from Oxfam – life-saving support that is made possible by people like you.