Extreme drought appeal

The worst drought in 40 years is destroying people’s lives and livelihoods across the East Africa region. Communities are working with our local partners to find urgent solutions to overcome this extreme drought. Here’s how.

In Gol’Anod, Ethiopia, a newly-installed solar-powered water pump has made a huge difference to Amina and her community. In Isiolo County, Kenya, Catherine is working with her community to build up their resilience to climate change. Vital cash transfers are helping Anisa in Somalia to buy whatever her family needs in the face of extreme drought.

Amina’s community worked with Oxfam to install a solar-powered water pump

Amina (pictured above) lives in the village of Gol’Anod, Ethiopia, where extreme drought put strain on her day-to-day life:

I used to get water at another place, it used to take four hours … even when I was pregnant I had to walk there.”


This long journey to fetch water left her little time to spend with her children, or run her shop. It became her eldest daughter’s responsibility too, which was concerning for Amina, as she would walk in the dark of the early morning.

Amina’s community worked with Oxfam to install a solar-powered water pump, connecting their village with a nearby water source. This long-term, sustainable water solution is making a huge difference to Amina and her community.

Watch Amina's story now and see how more lives could be transformed when you donate to support communities bringing water solutions to life.

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Catherine is helping maintain her community’s water system

As a pastoralist in Isiolo County, Kenya, Catherine is working with her community to build up their resilience to extreme drought. Her village worked alongside Oxfam partner, Merti Integrated Development Program (MID-P), to fix existing boreholes, build water tanks, and water points (kiosks) so people could access water easily.

Now, Catherine has a hugely important role in keeping the water running in her community.

Catherine opens the shutters of the water kiosk in Isiolo County, Kenya. Photo: Eyeris Communications/Oxfam.

I am the treasurer of the water committee. This money will go into helping us manage and maintain the watering point and the borehole.”

Catherine, pastoralist and water committee treasurer, Isiolo County, Kenya

Catherine’s story shows us the power of working together and how vital it is that we support more communities in finding ways to overcome drought.

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Anisa is supporting her family with her cash transfer

Anisa has lived in a displacement camp for a few years now, and is receiving cash transfers from Oxfam and local partners, which she is using to buy whatever her family needs most.

I would like to stay here, because we have access to water, we have latrines and light in the darkness. Also cash is available. That helps us a lot.”

Anisa in Somalia

Anisa is one of many people affected by drought throughout East Africa. The time to act is now, to support communities tackling drought and building resilience in the face of the climate crisis.

Fuelled by injustice: the climate crisis is causing a water crisis

As the climate crisis deepens, so does the water crisis. Five years of failed rains, alongside rising temperatures, have caused this extreme drought in East Africa. And it’s a huge injustice that people who have done the least to cause this crisis are forced to live with its worst consequences.

A map showing drought in East Africa.

26 million people are now facing a hunger crisis due to extreme drought.

Building long-term solutions with communities and local partners

With the help of our supporters, and through our relationships with local partners, we’re funding community-led projects that are helping to build resilience far into the future. We’re also working with local and regional governments across East Africa to support policy-making that will support communities to protect themselves.

Oxfam and our partners' work in East Africa


received training in water management and maintenance in South Sudan.


in Kenya provided with cash transfers.


in East Africa reached with support, alongside our partners.