Get life-saving water flowing for families

Around the world, conflict is destroying lives in so many ways. People not only fear bombs and bullets, but whether they will have the clean water they need to survive. A donation from you today could help get clean water flowing for people living through conflict.

What could your donation do?

  • An Oxfam bucket

    £25 could provide 10 Oxfam buckets for families to keep water safe and clean

    We are supporting people to distribute buckets to help families keep water safe and clean.

  • Fresh clean water shoots from a pipe into a hand.

    £50 could provide families with life-saving clean water

    Help get clean water flowing for people living through conflict.

  • £100 could provide toilets and washing facilities for up to 50 families

    Help us to support people to build toilets and washing facilities that help keep people clean and healthy.

Help get safe, clean water flowing

Life was especially hard for Haneen and her family before donations like yours helped get water flowing.

Living through conflict: voices from Yemen

Without water, it’s near impossible to stay safe from Covid-19 and other diseases. Families like Naaser and his granddaughter, pictured at the top of the page in Yemen, had little option but to try and quench their thirst with salty sea water.

VFX Aden / Oxfam

Hanan is wearing a lilac headscarf and has a serious expression

I was living in Al Hudaydah. My children were going to school. We fled our home because of war, as we were vulnerable to the bombing and hearing it roar over our heads from inside the house. We were living in constant fear.”

Hanan, Ammar bin Yasser Internally Displaced Peoples camp, Yemen

This is a problem we’re suffering here. Sometimes water supply is provided for two months and stopped for another month.”

Salem* and his son Omar* had been displaced four times before moving to Alswidan Camp in Marib, Yemen

VFX Aden / Oxfam

It’s a great feeling that we cannot describe. When we see the water flowing from the taps, or a household accessing water and the suffering is alleviated from the people.”

Tawakkul Ahmed, Oxfam Public Health Engineer, Yemen