Photo of Linda

We’re here to do more than just look after ourselves”

Linda’s Oxfam Legacy

Leaving a gift in her Will to Oxfam is the right choice for Linda. While working as a social worker she got a glimpse of the inequalities and lack of opportunities in this country. But the minute we start looking beyond our situation, she gets the feeling we’re here to do more than just look after ourselves.

My connection to Oxfam

I’m a keen gardener, so the environment is very important to me. I’m conscious that the impacts of climate change disproportionately affect poorer countries, despite their lower consumption levels. So, when I heard about Oxfam’s campaigning work and the impact it’s had, I was hugely inspired. Now, it’s an important part of why I support Oxfam.

After I attended an Oxfam event in Birmingham many years ago now, my support grew even more. One of most illuminating presentations was about water. They compared the amount of water we use daily in the UK with people who can’t just turn on the tap like we can. That really stuck with me. And after seeing that, I don’t see how you can’t support Oxfam’s work really.

Why Oxfam?

I think the gift of a legacy to Oxfam is a very good use of my money. They’re a major player in the fight against poverty and injustice and I love that they don’t just do crisis work but also help communities fight ongoing inequalities. This long-term improvement for people around the world is probably the best thing about Oxfam.

How to leave a gift in your Will to Oxfam

We’re here to do more than just look after ourselves”