Supporter Stories

Every year thousands of people leave a gift in their Will to Oxfam. Here are just some of our supporter stories and why they’re choosing to invest in the next generation of people fighting poverty and inequality around the world.
Photo of Nicky

Nicky's Story

"What I’m trying to do is make the best use of the small amount I have to give."

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Photo of Mary

Mary's story

"I trust Oxfam to use my money in the best way possible."

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Photo of Nessy

Nessy's story

"I know for sure that my mother’s money has been spent in the most moral way possible."

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Photo of Linda

Linda's story

"We’re here to do more than just look after ourselves."

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Photo of Colin

Colin and Sue's story

"It’s more important than ever we support organisations like Oxfam because the world is so, so unequal and it's fundamentally unfair."

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Photo of Neil

Neil's Story

"My mum is where it all began, shop manager and then shop helper. I’m following in my mother’s footsteps."

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Phot of Hilary

Hilary's story

"I’m a supporter because Oxfam shares my priorities. I've got nothing but praise for their work."

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