Photo of Mary

I trust Oxfam to use my money in the best way possible”

Mary’s Oxfam Legacy

Even though Mary has eight grandchildren and is about to be a great grandmother, she’s chosen to leave a gift in her Will to Oxfam. Because she sees family as so much wider - her family is the entire human race.

My connection to Oxfam

I was first introduced to Oxfam in the 1940s by a well-known peace activist who visited my Quaker boarding school and encouraged us to knit blankets for the Oxfam. My friends and I were so inspired by his talk about Oxfam’s work, we started a knitting club and had a competition and get the whole school knitting squares.

When I finally got home at the end of that term, I went straight to the post office and sent my life’s savings of about £25 pounds to Oxfam. I was just 18 years old then and I’ve been supporting Oxfam ever since – with monthly donations and now, with a gift in my Will.

Why Oxfam?

I’ve left money to Oxfam in my Will because I would like to go on thinking I’ve done some good even after I’ve died. I just trust Oxfam to use my money sensibly.

How to leave a gift in your Will to Oxfam

I trust Oxfam to use my money in the best way possible”