Joyce Koech, climate activist in Kenya. Photo: Rogers Ouma

Joyce Koech, climate activist in Kenya

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There are many ways to rally against injustice. We can stand in the street holding placards, sign petitions or share ideas with the people around us. We can volunteer, make a regular donations, or pledge gifts in our Wills.

Whichever you choose, it’s only by uniting behind a common goal and speaking with one voice that we can make the world a fairer place.

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Joyce's story

Meet Joyce Koech, a climate activist who features in our film.

Joyce is fighting the systems that fuel inequality and poverty in her home, Mombasa, Kenya. All around the world the climate crisis is devastating local communities who have done the least to cause it. And in Kenya, where climate change is causing increased droughts, flash floods, livestock diseases and armed conflicts, despite only producing 0.1% of global emissions, Joyce is raising her voice and inspiring a new generation of activists.

Joyce wants a future that is “free from fossil fuels… a future that is environmentally sustainable for all.” But she knows “we must all work together to preserve [the planet] for ourselves right now and for our future generations.”

When you leave a gift to Oxfam in your Will, you’re pledging to stay in the fight against injustice with Joyce – and all of us.

Joyce Koech, climate activist

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We’ve been challenging injustice since 1942. Following WWII, we persuaded the UK government to send food parcels to Germany. In 1984, brilliant Oxfam supporters like you raised £12.5 million to combat famine in Ethiopia. More recently, we’ve joined some of the most marginalised people in the world to demand climate justice. We continue to make steady progress on every front.

Today we’re still in the fight, rallying with people across the globe to wipe out poverty for good. It’s a goal that can only be achieved by tackling the greatest crisis of our time – climate change. The climate crisis is having the biggest impact on the people who are least responsible for it, yet they’re paying the highest price.

Millions of us worldwide are speaking out about this injustice. We’re calling for climate justice, led by those facing the worst of the climate crisis right now.

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