Shifting Power and Resources to Grassroots Women’s Rights Organisations

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Supporting women’s rights organisations is one of the most effective ways to alleviate poverty.

What are women's rights organisations?

Firmly rooted in communities, women’s rights organisations are able to quickly support people in times of crisis and create positive changes for women, girls and whole communities.

Yet these organisations remain severely under-funded, thwarting their ability to be in support of others.

Any donation you could make would be greatly appreciated.

What is the Women's Rights Fund?

The Women’s Rights Fund offers partner organisations three-year funding to invest in their own priorities.

It supports small women’s organisations to become stronger and to increase the impact of their work to improve people’s lives.

The organisations we support work in a variety of fields, such as women’s access to healthcare, employment rights, and support to survivors of gender-based violence and their families.

The Fund also supports them to grow and become more sustainable through bespoke training in areas such as fundraising, finance management and communications.

In its first two years of operation, the Women’s Rights Fund has supported 10 partner organisations in Kenya and the Occupied Palestinian Territory to go from strength to strength.

Your donation will help us to continue on this journey and to hopefully support women’s rights organisations in many other countries in the future.

Thank you!