Does the UK sell arms to Israel?

The UK is supplying millions of pounds worth of arms to Israel. This makes it complicit in the killing of civilians taking place every day in Gaza.

An immediate, permanent ceasefire is desperately needed to end the bloodshed – and the supply of arms to Israel must stop.

The UK’s arms export system

If a UK company wants to export military goods to another nation, they need to apply for a Government licence first.

A licence can't be granted, or should be revoked, if there's a clear risk that weapons and military equipment sold by the UK could be used to violate human rights or international humanitarian law by the country they have been sold to.

British arms sales to Israel

Does the UK sell arms to Israel? Yes.

UK arms sales to Israel since 2015 are to the value of at least £489m worth of military exports to Israel.

That includes parts for combat aircrafts, missiles, tanks, technology, small arms and ammunition.

Parts made across the UK have been sold to Israel, and are being used right now in the appalling attacks on Gaza.

Could the UK be complicit in war crimes?

The arms the UK is selling to Israel are being used in an unbearable humanitarian catastrophe. We are witnessing unfathomable death and destruction in Gaza.

Relentless airstrikes are killing civilian women, men and children.

Israel’s blockade of Gaza means people can’t leave – and the aid people need can’t get in.

The Government of Israel’s actions have killed tens of thousands, and forced millions of people to flee their homes, struggling to find food or clean water, fuel or medicine.

Disease is spreading. Starvation is being used as a weapon of war against civilians.

The collective punishment of a civilian population by blocking essential supplies is illegal under International Humanitarian Law.

The indiscriminate or deliberate killing of civilians is also a breach of international law, and may amount to a war crime.

In the light of the International Court of Justice ruling, Oxfam believes that Israel has undertaken, and is undertaking, specific actions that risk genocide.

And this is being done using arms supplied by the UK Government. Oxfam believes the UK is both morally and legally complicit in this conflict, and it must stop the sale of arms to Israel immediately.

Call for a lasting ceasefire now

The military onslaught has caused such destruction, danger and suffering that the scale of humanitarian need is now impossible to meet. And it’s getting worse every day.

Even when some aid can get in, it isn’t enough.

People in Gaza, the West Bank and Israel need an immediate, permanent ceasefire, now.

It’s the only way to stop the death and destruction, get enough aid to those who need it, and safely release the hostages.

Stopping arms sales is an important step towards securing the permanent ceasefire that people need.

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