The Houses of Parliament in Westminster, London overlooking the river.

The Houses of Parliament in Westminster, London in the UK. Image: Shutterstock

How you can push for a world we want

Growing inequality is causing needless suffering worldwide. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

It's time to build the fairer future we all deserve.

Let’s unite and use our voices in this election to demand a kinder, radically better world for us all.

Email your local candidates, in one go

Will you ask the people standing for election in your area to support a kinder, radically better world? It’s really easy – just enter your postcode and we’ll email all your candidates in one go. Ask them to prioritise:

  • A safer, more peaceful world – including a ceasefire in Gaza
  • Fast and fair action for climate justice
  • A global economic system that tackles spiralling inequality
  • A fairer UK economy that values paid and unpaid carers

Read our asks for a equal, green world

We call on whoever forms the next UK government to commit to four principles to get us on the much-needed path to a kinder, radically better world, where everyone has the power to thrive, not just survive.

Give young people a voice

Support young people to write a collaborative Manifesto for the World which they can present to MPs following the election, and help them learn about British democracy and the Sustainable Development Goals.

Talk to your candidates out and about

Stuck for what to say when candidates knock on your door or meet you on the street?

We’ve made a handy guide you can read (and print out if useful) of questions and facts you can explore with them, to persuade them to push for a fairer world.

Act for peace in Gaza

The escalation in the conflict in Gaza continues to take a devastating toll on people’s lives.

Our next Government has a legal and moral obligation to stop arming Israel, and to do all it can to push for an immediate, permanent ceasefire.

The UK General Election is a golden opportunity for us to push for the world we want. Let's make our votes count!