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Inequality and poverty

Last year, 82% of wealth created worldwide went to the top 1%. The poorest half saw no increase at all.

All over the world, the economy of the 1% is built on the backs of low paid workers, often women, who are paid poverty wages and denied basic rights. It is being built on the backs of workers like Anju in Bangladesh, working for $0.37 an hour, Dolores in chicken factories in the US, suffering permanent disability and unable to hold her children's hands.

But it doesn't have to be this way. We urgently need governments and companies to help create a more equal society by prioritising ordinary workers and small-scale producers instead of the rich and powerful.

We need: 
  • Decent work, living wages and an end to the gender pay gap 
  • The richest companies and individuals to pay their fair share of tax 
  • Free public services for all 

  Join us now to fight inequality and beat poverty for good.

Vitenam Film - Lan

Lan works sewing sports shoes in Vietnam for export. She had not seen her son in nine months because she could not afford the transport costs. This unjust reality is a story shared by huge numbers of poorly paid garment workers across the world.


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