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Oxfam Lottery

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Our weekly lottery is a powerful and fun way to help end poverty. Follow Al the Alpaca’s lead and join today from just £1 a draw and you could soon be helping to build a better world with the chance of winning great prizes.

Plus you could win £5,000 twice a year in our
Lottery Bonus Draw!

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Playing is as simple as:

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    Complete the form by pressing Play Now

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    Fill in your direct debit details

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    Be like Al and relax!
    We’ll be in touch if you win and send you a welcome pack in the post

How joining in helps end poverty for good

Your support in playing the Oxfam Weekly Lottery

In 1 month your support could give multiple people access to handwashing facilities to maintain safe hygiene and prevent the spread of disease.

In 6 months your support could fund the creation of a women’s WASH group, giving 11 women a platform to voice the water and sanitation needs of their community and influence decision-making.

In 1 year your support could train a woman to use a biodigester to create household energy from pig waste and use the excess waste on her land for vegetable farming.

Photo: Will Wintercross / Oxfam

Helping Sitay stay healthy

Clean water, hygiene kits and hand washing stands saved lives during the Ebola crisis. Oxfam is still working in Sierra Leone to make sure people stay safe, healthy and able to provide for their families.

Photo: Aubrey Wade

Helping Tika fight unfairness

Women are hit harder by poverty than anyone – especially when they’re not treated equally. Tika discovered her rights through a local Oxfam project, and now she's a leader in her community and at the local school.

Photo: Adam Patterson / Oxfam

Helping Mary feed her family

Unpredictable weather, droughts and floods mean life as a farmer in Ghana can be tough. But with Oxfam's help, farmers like Mary have tried new methods to grow more crops, built energy efficient stoves and got access to loans to help their businesses grow.

Responsible gambling

We are committed to ensuring that our lottery activity is operated in a fair and socially responsible manner. For more information see: Oxfam GB Social Responsibility Policy (188KB, PDF) and our full terms and conditions.

If you have a complaint about your membership then please contact our supporter relations team on 0300 200 1300 or email For more information then please download our full procedure here (Oxfam GB Lottery Complaints Procedure (152KB, PDF)

The Oxfam Weekly Lottery is licensed by the UK Gambling Commission. Please see information on our licence here: Gambling Commission Licence.

If anyone is particularly worried about their gambling, and would like to be excluded from future raffles and lotteries, please download, complete and return the Oxfam Self Exclusion Form or please call 0370 058 5944. For more information see Oxfam GB Self Exclusion Policy (102KB, PDF)

If you have any other questions about the Oxfam Lottery and your lottery membership, please call our helpline on 0370 058 5944. Lines are open 9am - 5pm Monday to Friday. Calls cost no more than calls to geographic numbers 01 or 02.

Frequently asked questions


  • What is the Oxfam Lottery?

    The Oxfam Lottery is a weekly lottery to raise more money to tackle poverty and help people in crisis. Entry costs £1 and there are 30 prizes to be won each week, ranging from £10 to £1000, as well as a twice-yearly bonus draw with a jackpot of £5000. 

  • Why does Oxfam have a lottery?

    Oxfam has a lottery as an alternative way of raising vital funds to support our work. The lottery helps us to reach new audiences who may not have considered giving to Oxfam. The great thing about the Oxfam Lottery is that we're offering our supporters the chance to be a winner while raising money to tackle poverty and help people affected by disasters.

  • How does it work?

    Tickets are available to buy online, through the post or over the phone. The Oxfam Lottery draw takes place every Friday. Tickets cost £1 and will enter players into a weekly draw to win one of the following prizes: 1 x first prize of £1000, 1 x second prize of £100, 1 x third prize of £50, 2 x fourth prizes of £25 and 25 prizes of £10. There will also be an additional twice-yearly bonus draw with a jackpot of £5000, which anyone who buys a ticket will be automatically entered into.

  • What are people's chances of winning?

    Every ticket has an equal chance of winning but we can't say what the odds will be as the odds of winning will vary depending on the number of people playing. All prizes are guaranteed to be won every week, unlike the National Lottery, for example, where there is only a winner if someone has the matching numbers.

My Lottery Account

  • How do I know if I've won?

    Winners will be notified by email, phone or post within one week of the draw. Entrants can also check online to see if they've won here.

  • What are my numbers and how do I pick them?

    After you sign up, we'll post your numbers to you as part of your welcome pack. These numbers are allocated automatically and are unique to you. Unlike other lotteries where many people have to split prizes as they have the same numbers, in the Oxfam Lottery there is only one winner per prize. If you win £1000, you keep every penny.

  • How do I change my direct debit?

    To change your direct debit details, please phone our helpline on 0370 058 5944.

  • How much will my Direct Debit be?

    You will be entered into a draw for each week of the year but because some months are longer than others, we split the cost equally across the 12 months of the year. The cost for one entry per week is £4.34 a month. This way your Direct Debit doesn't change month to month.

Oxfam and Lotteries

  • Aren't you encouraging gambling and exploiting people who are less well off?

    As an organisation that works to tackle poverty in the UK as well as overseas, we're extremely committed to making sure we help rather than hinder people who are struggling to make ends meet.

    Oxfam operate our Lottery in a secure, fair and socially responsible way. We take steps to manage the risk of vulnerable people taking part, for example we will limit the number of entries per person to a maximum of five per week, that's a maximum of £5 per week that any one player can spend. Players of the Oxfam Lottery must be aged 18 years and over. Charity lotteries are one of the most rigorously regulated forms of fundraising and we are independently licensed by the Gambling Commission. Whilst lotteries are a form of gambling, there is little evidence to suggest that charity lotteries cause gambling problems. Charity lotteries are a fun way of donating a small amount to a good cause and the prizes are usually a secondary consideration, unlike other forms of gambling.

    If anyone is particularly worried about their gambling, and would like to be excluded from future raffles and lotteries, please download, complete and return the Oxfam Self Exclusion Form or please call 0370 058 5944.

    Should gambling become a problem we recommend you contact the GambleAware helpline on 0808 8020 133 or visit their website:

  • How are you going to prevent fraud?

    Anyone buying tickets for the Oxfam Lottery will be required to fill in an application form and provide name and address details. We have policies and procedures related to cash handling in place designed to minimise the risk of crime and we have the right to cancel any applications if we suspect criminal activity.

  • Who runs the Oxfam Lottery?

    Oxfam GB, John Smith Drive, Cowley, Oxford OX4 2JY is the lottery promoter for the Oxfam Lottery. Responsible Persons are Nicola Tallett and David Hillyard. The Friday weekly draw is managed by our External Lottery Manager who are licensed by the Gambling Commission. The Oxfam Lottery (the "Lottery") is licensed by the Gambling Commission under the Gambling Act 2005 under licence number 000-046163-N-324573 and 000-046163-R-324572.
    All profits raised from the Lottery will go towards the work of Oxfam GB.

Complaints and Contact