Tim Bierley/Oxfam

Conflict in South Sudan

South Sudan Appeal

South Sudan is facing a catastrophic humanitarian crisis driven by nearly years of a brutal civil war. Millions of people have been forced to flee their homes.

We have a strong and established team working tirelessly from 10 bases across the country, providing essential services and emergency food packages.

We are supporting people to

  • An Oxfam worker stands next to a bag stamped high quality yellow beans

    Survive today with emergency supplies

    Oxfam is currently supporting over 500,000 people with humanitarian assistance including clean water, hygiene facilities, food, fuel and income support.

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    Prepare for tomorrow by helping set up resilient services and infrastructure

    We are making sure children don’t miss out on education, supporting people to establish and rebuild trades and livelihoods, and helping communities to set up and run local infrastructure, including water treatment facilities.

  • Water is poured from a container with tape that says Oxfam international on it into a pair of hands.

    Adapt for the future by helping people have a voice

    We are pushing for poor and marginalised communities to have influence over the decisions that affect them, more control over their natural resources and a bigger say in ending local and national conflicts.

The scale of the crisis

Civilians have been attacked, and schools and hospitals have been looted and burned. Tens of thousands of people have been killed. The fighting has forced nearly four million people - one in three - from their homes. As they flee, people lose their possessions, crops and income, and often get stranded in places where there aren't enough facilities to support tens of thousands of new arrivals. Most of them are women and children, who are particularly vulnerable to the risks that come with finding aid and services away from their communities. Many also retreat to very isolated areas, keeping themselves far away from fighting, but also from aid.

Noura Nyal Kids/Oxfam

I hope I will be able to finish school so I can have all my dreams come true. I also hope that there will finally be peace in my country so that girls like me can have an opportunity to do business.”

Nyakuma* (name changed) in South Sudan