Win Glastonbury Tickets 2024

Glastonbury Festival has opened a prize draw offering the chance to win Glastonbury 2024 tickets, to raise emergency funds to support people affected by conflict.

The competition

There are 20 pairs of tickets to Glastonbury Festival 2024, to raise emergency funds to support people affected by conflict.

Money raised will be donated to Oxfam, War Child and the British Red Cross. Oxfam along with these charities work with people in areas of armed conflict.

The prize draw is open to UK residents, until 12 noon (GMT) on Thursday 28 March. You may enter multiple times.

Each winner will receive two tickets, with entry to the Festival for themselves and a guest.

Conflict continues to drive humanitarian crises across the globe. Oxfam is currently running appeals including a Gaza Crisis Appeal and a Yemen crisis appeal. Our emergency fund supports responses in Ukraine and DRC among others.

Oxfam in Gaza

The ongoing conflict in Gaza continues to have a devastating impact on civilians. No one and nowhere is safe and under the current bombardment a full-scale humanitarian response is impossible, with thousands unable to access aid, facing starvation and looming famine.

So far, despite huge obstacles, we have been responding with our partners. These include the Palestinian Medical Relief Society (PMRS), Juzoor, CFTA, and Palestinian Environmental Friends (PEF). They have provided:

  • Cash assistance for more than 1,200 families
  • 400 hygiene kits and 1,000 food kits
  • Aid vouchers for 100 families
  • Vegetable baskets for 3,000 displaced families
  • 4,750 food and fresh produce parcels
  • 600 urgent family health packages
  • First aid kits and services to support around 20,000 people in refugee camps

How can you help Gaza?

Donate to the Gaza appeal

Your donation will help provide emergency food, clean water and hygiene kits. And begin work repairing water and wastewater networks, as soon as it’s safe to do so.

Call for a ceasefire

An immediate and permanent ceasefire is the most important humanitarian action right now.

Oxfam in the DRC

In the Democratic Republic of Congo, armed conflict has driven millions of people to flee their homes. And because of armed conflict in neighbouring Burundi, Central African Republic and South Sudan, DRC is also home to more than 500,000 people who have fled their homes in those countries. More than 25 million people are in need of humanitarian assistance in the DRC.

Oxfam’s Ukraine response

In February 2022, war started in Ukraine. Since then, Ukrainian people have faced unimaginable suffering. Nearly 14 million people in the country still need support, including six million who have had to flee their homes. Together with partners, Oxfam has reached over 2 million people in two years through our Ukraine Humanitarian Response.

Oxfam in Yemen

8 years of terrifying conflict has destroyed lives, livelihoods and forced millions of people to flee their homes. As a result, more than 18 million people depend on aid to survive.

Along with local partners, Oxfam is responding to these crises with clean water, sanitation, hygiene services, cash, shelter, transport, legal support, and emergency food.

Funds raised by the competition will go into Oxfam’s emergency response fund, to be used where they’re needed most.