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Campaigns, Policy & Influencing trainee scheme

The world is changing. Oxfam needs to change too. We need new thinking, fresh ideas and diverse insights to help solve the twin crises of inequality and climate change, which are hitting the poorest hardest. This paid trainee scheme is designed to find people from a wide range of backgrounds to join our Campaigns, Policy and Influencing team for an exciting 11-month programme.

Trainees support our Campaigns, Policy and Influencing team in their work to influence decision-makers (like governments and international organisations) to do more to end poverty and suffering in the UK and around the world.


Alex Foxbatt, Trainee Scheme Manager

"I love seeing the value that each new trainee brings to our team and Oxfam's work. We recruit trainees from all walks of life, which makes for a diverse and inspiring team"

Aishah Siddiqa, former trainee

"The trainee scheme is fantastic for people like myself who have little experience in campaigning or the development sector in general. Since joining in September I have been working on huge issues such as climate change and inequality with highly passionate people.

One thing I love about working here in Oxfam as a trainee is the opportunity to always learn more with the number of training/events available for staff. I am constantly learning lots of new things and growing, in the career sense and on a more personal level, and it's thanks to the wonderful and inspirational people you meet here!"

Foyez Syed, trainee

"The trainee scheme is my big break, an opportunity to use the passion I have to make change happen. Unpaid work is not possible for me, like so many people. I'm so grateful that this paid trainee scheme exists to help change makers get experience in the charity sector.

The people here at Oxfam really believe in the trainees and that is shown by the responsibility that I have been given. I am currently project managing the tax tour, as part of Oxfam's work on tackling inequality, where we'll be inviting tax activists from the global south to share their inspiring stories. The responsibility can be quite daunting and challenging, but I know I have the support from the trainee scheme manager and my project manager as well as from the other trainees, with all of us growing together.

This is an opportunity like no other."

This is not a graduate scheme, so trainees do not need to have a degree (or other formal qualifications), nor do they need to have worked for a charity before.  Our scheme is unique in what we offer and look for in a trainee, with passion and enthusiasm for fighting against inequality being more important to us than qualifications and work experience.

Trainees rotate between teams and projects, supporting a range of campaigns and activities, from conducting policy research to event planning, and from digital communications to community fundraising.  During their time on the scheme, trainees can expect to get a good understanding of how a large aid and development organisation works, particularly how Oxfam does campaigning, policy and influencing.  They also have the opportunity to develop general skills, such as project management, writing, communication and research, as well as learn specifically about what Oxfam works on.  In return, trainees are expected to share their ideas, insight and skills with our teams.

Our trainees are paid above the Oxford living wage and the recruitment is conducted in a way, we hope, makes the opportunity accessible to all, regardless of their background.  We currently take five trainees per year (four based in Oxford; one in Manchester) and recruit for the scheme at two moments in the year. 

The next recruitment is planned to take place at the end of the year (Dec/Jan), for new trainees to start in spring 2018.  When we are open for applications, details will be posted on this page, or you can register for job alerts now

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