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Syria crisis

Syria is experiencing the world's largest displacement crisis with 22 million people forced to flee their homes.

After eight years of civil war in Syria, people continue to face significant challenges with 6.5 million people facing acute food insecurity, a third relying on unsafe, dirty water supplies and 5 million seeking refuge in the neighbouring countries of Lebanon and Jordan.

Oxfam and local partners have been on the ground in Syria providing clean water, providing cash and relief supplies to those who have fled their homes, and those refugees in Lebanon and Jordan.

However the latest conflicts have intensified the suffering of civilians and we urgently need to scale up our response now.

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Last updated: 19/02/2020


Omar and his 2-year-old son. Who left their native city of Hassaka, Syria, where they could no longer live because of the war.

What Oxfam is doing to help Syrian refugees

The situation

The north west of Syria remains very unstable, with increasing military offence strikes in Southern Idlib and northern Hama. Communities are very vulnerable - there are reports of destruction of hospitals and schools, along with homes.

Sanitation and hygiene services such as waste removal systems are limited or non-existent, which has a huge impact on public health. Fuel and electricity are limited, food prices have soared and it is estimated that eighty percent of the population are living in poverty.

It is a difficult and dangerous place for humanitarian assistance - in February 2020, two of Oxfam's local staff members were killed in an attack in Dar'a governorate in Southern Syria.

Despite this, Oxfam and local partners are on the ground now. Last year we reached over 1.2 million Syrian people with aid including clean water, cash, essential clothing items, and support to help make a living and grow nutritious food. We cannot continue to do this without the support of people like you.

You can help. Donate now.

Photo: Islam Mardini/Oxfam

70-year-old Nezar is one of thousands that Oxfam is helping right now with kits to prepare them for the harsh Syrian winters. These kits include warm winter clothes for adults and children.

Photo: Islam Mardini/Oxfam

Getting water to people in Syria

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