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Issues we work on

From women's rights to water, earthquakes to education, we do life-changing, groundbreaking work in all sorts of areas. Here's an introduction to the issues we work on.

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Oxfam does life-changing, groundbreaking work all over the world.

From women's rights to water, emergency relief to education, all the issues we work on centre on enabling people to create better lives for themselves. We help in a number of different ways - from developing innovative sanitation technologies, to training farmers to grow crops, to raising the voices of those affected by poverty and injustice.

Oxfam's work is making a real difference to the lives of people in poverty. But we need your support to reach more people. By donating today, you can bring hope to people across the globe and create a better future for generations to come. If you'd like to help us continue this vital work, please consider making a charitable donation.