Safeguarding in our Shops

Oxfam takes safeguarding extremely seriously. We have systems in place to protect our shop staff and volunteers from harm, and encourage them to recognise and report issues and allegations of concern.

Oxfam's Global Safeguarding team, including a dedicated Retail Safeguarding Manager, supports seven HR retail staff (called HR Business Partners) trained in safeguarding and mental health first aid. In turn, the Retail Safeguarding Manager and the HR Business Partners train area managers, shop managers and deputy shop managers in safeguarding.

Volunteers receive information about safeguarding when they join Oxfam and induction and training is mandatory for all staff and volunteers when they start work or volunteering.

This system means our retail network understands it's everyone's responsibility to recognise safeguarding issues and report them. Reporting can be done via the Retail Safeguarding Manager, area managers, shop managers, HR and a confidential safeguarding line. The safeguarding phone line number is displayed on posters in each shop. There is zero tolerance of inappropriate behaviour in Oxfam shops.

We have rigorous procedures also in place to prevent abuse in shops. These include enhanced Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) and PVG checks for shop managers, deputy shop managers and many volunteers in supervisory roles. We ensure that young volunteers under the age of 18 don't work shifts without an enhanced DBS/PVG-checked person present.

We make sure two adults are present in each shop to prevent lone working, including whenever a young person is volunteering. All volunteers are asked to provide two references and disclose any current criminal convictions. We risk assess every volunteer who discloses a conviction. We do not allow volunteers or staff to work in shops if they are, or have been, on the sex offenders register.

All allegations of misconduct or abuse in Oxfam shops are investigated by the safeguarding team. Advice and support on reporting to the police is given if there is any suggestion a crime has been committed. Local Authority Safeguarding teams, DBS and Disclosure Scotland are contacted where appropriate before, during and after investigations.

Oxfam is constantly reviewing and updating its safeguarding procedures to ensure our shops remain safe and enjoyable places to work.

Raising a concern

Anyone can raise a concern or make a complaint to Oxfam about something they have experienced or witnessed. If you have any concerns about the actions of any volunteer or Oxfam employee, they should be reported to any of the following:

  • The Retail Safeguarding Manager
  • The shop manager or deputy manager.
  • The shop's HR Business Partner (contact details will be on display in the back room of the shop).
  • Shop Support on 0300 2001333 or
  • Oxfam Safeguarding Team on or online form.

Ways to report misconduct (Whistleblowing)

At Oxfam, it is vital that everyone who works for us maintains the highest standards of conduct, integrity and ethics, and complies with local legislation.

If an employee, volunteer, partner, consultant or contractor suspects misconduct has, or is about to occur, we encourage them to communicate their suspicions without fear of reprisals and in the knowledge that they will be protected from victimisation and dismissal.

Safeguarding concerns, fraud/corruption concerns and human resources (HR) related misconduct can be reported via email or online:

Any person not connected to Oxfam can also report misconduct via these channels. 

It is possible to make an anonymous report via the Clue webform. Be advised that if insufficient information is provided this may affect our capacity to investigate the matter.

Please see the data protection notice for information on how your information will be processed.

All concerns will be reviewed by the Integrity and Intelligence Team before being allocated to the appropriate team to investigate - HR, Safeguarding, Anti-Corruption.

For further information about the investigation process or for advice you can contact the investigation team via: