Plans, reports and policies

As an organisation, Oxfam is committed to openness and transparency.

In Aleppo, where a recent 7.7 magnitude earthquake hit, Oxfam with partners is delivering hygiene materials, including soap, shampoo and pads, to families who left their homes and are now staying in collective shelters. Image: Dania Kareh/Oxfam

Oxfam boxes being unloaded by a man in an Oxfam gilet

Plans, reports and policies

As an organisation, Oxfam is committed to openness and transparency.

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Oxfam's Constitution

Download the formal memorandum and articles of association of Oxfam.

Legitimacy and accountability

Why we have the authority to speak out on issues relating to our mission, and how we hold ourselves to account.

Oxfam GB's Open Information Policy

Oxfam is committed to transparency in its work and accountability to its stakeholders, in particular people living in poverty.…

Corporate responsibility

Oxfam's Corporate Responsibility programme ensures our activities are aligned with our values, mission and ethics.

Oxfam's Code of Conduct

Oxfam GB provides guidance to ensure staff and non-staff alike remain true to its core mission, aims and values.

Oxfam’s Zakat Advisory Panel

Oxfam’s Zakat policy is supported by a group of voluntary Islamic advisors.

Learning and evaluation

We are committed to strengthening our ability to learn what does and does not work in our efforts to overcome poverty.

Modern Slavery Act statement

A public statement on steps Oxfam is taking to identify and prevent modern slavery in its operations and supply chains.

Fundraising and responding to vulnerable people

Oxfam recognises that people in vulnerable circumstances may need support before making a decision about whether to donate.

Plans, reports and policies archive

Plans, reports and policies, including reports from meetings of trustees, Annual Reports and Reviews.

Oxfam's Zakat policy

By making your Zakat payment to Oxfam, you can be sure your payment will help those suffering from poverty or extreme hardship…

Oxfam's Impact: A Decade of Insight

What worked and what we need to change: looking back on a decade of Oxfam’s impact.

Effectiveness Reviews

Explore Oxfam's archive of Effectiveness Reviews on our Policy and Practice website.

Food Producer Rights

How does your supermarket check out on human rights?