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Food distribution in Nyal
Food distribution in Nyal

Report Misconduct speak up

At Oxfam, it is vital that everyone who works for us maintains the highest standards of conduct, integrity and ethics, and complies with local legislation.

Ways to report misconduct (whistleblowing)

If an employee, volunteer, partner, consultant or contractor suspects misconduct has, or is about to occur, we encourage them to communicate their suspicions without fear of reprisals and in the knowledge that they will be protected from victimisation and dismissal.

Safeguarding concerns, fraud/corruption concerns and human resources (HR) related misconduct can be reported via email (speakup@oxfam.org.uk) or online:

Any person not connected to Oxfam can also report misconduct via these channels. Be advised that if insufficient information is provided this may affect our capacity to investigate the matter.

Please see the data protection notice for information on how your information will be processed.

All concerns will be reviewed by the Integrity and Intelligence Team before being allocated to the appropriate team to investigate – HR, Safeguarding, Anti-Corruption.

For further information about the investigation process or for advice you can contact the investigation team via: