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Wastesaver: fighting the clothes to landfill crisis

"We're proud that no item donated goes to landfill."

Drop that coat, pair of jeans or top off at your nearby Oxfam shop and there's a good chance it will sell there. But what if it doesn't - does it go in the bin? Thankfully not. At Oxfam we work very hard to find a new use for every item of clothing you give. All thanks to our very busy sorting warehouse in Batley, West Yorkshire. 

Oxfam has been doing the reusing and reselling thing since the 1940s, when the first Oxfam Shop opened. Then, in 1974, Oxfam became the first national charity to develop its own facility for recycling and reusing clothes that never sends clothes to landfill. Wastesaver now handles 12,000 tonnes of textiles every year. 

So what happens to your clothes once they get to Wastesaver? 

First, they make their way down huge conveyor belts; where our clothing experts sort through it by hand, to decide where it should go next. Next, the things are sent or sold on to the most suitable market - never to landfill