Kitty Norwell/Oxfam

Racks of donated clothes at our Batley distribution hub

Where your donation goes

At Oxfam we work hard to raise as much money as possible from every item you give us. Your unwanted items could be resold in our shops and online, or recycled via our partners or our very own sorting centre.

Our trained volunteers and staff sort and price every item you donate to make as much money as possible. And even if an item doesn't sell in our shops, we can still make money from it, in one of the following ways.

Oxfam's Online Shop

Oxfam's Online Shop complements our long-established High Street business. It opens up our stock to a wider audience, giving many more buyers the chance to shop from the great range of good quality donations we receive. And because we list items at many of our high street shops we are able to sell more of our donations from the location where they are given to us.

Teams at around 165 of our shops, in addition to our 'hubs' in Batley and Milton Keynes, create the constantly-evolving selection of stock. 

Some of the top-selling categories include designer fashion, vintage clothing and accessories, collectable books and vinyl records.

Kitty Norwell/Oxfam

Dedicated staff and volunteers prepare, photograph and list hundreds of different items onto the website every day, and once sold, package and ship those items to their new owners across the UK and around the world.

Clothing recycling

Our partner CTR, and Oxfam’s own operation in Batley, sort clothing to maximise revenue from textiles that cannot be resold in our shops and minimise the amount of textiles sent to landfill.

Every item can be used to make money for our poverty-busting work, including being sold on Oxfam's Online Shop, in our Oxfam Festival Shops, or selling them onto fashion designers who restyle garments and reuse fabrics.

Damaged or low grade items can be sold to recycling traders so they can, for instance, be turned into car soundproofing or mattress stuffing.