Donating Toys and Games

Donating toys and games to Oxfam helps fund our vital work fighting poverty worldwide. Find out where to donate toys, what kinds of toys and games you can donate, and what happens to your donations.

If you're running out of space for outgrown toys, don't throw them away! Your unwanted toys or toy collection can be resold to help raise funds. Funds that support children and families to grow the future all over the world. You can help to reduce waste. And leave a cleaner environment for younger generations. You can use our shop finder to find your closest Oxfam shop.

Gift Aid

The Gift Aid scheme for UK taxpayers can help Oxfam raise an extra 25% on the value of your donation by reclaiming government basic rate tax. You can help us get the most of your donation by signing up online, or in person when you donate.

Rachel Manns, Oxfam

Toys in our Cowley Road shop

If you can't easily travel to your nearest Oxfam store, you can use our donation bags to donate toys by post for free.

You can include any of the items that Oxfam accepts with your donation.


What types of toys can I donate to charity?

Oxfam accepts a huge range of new and used toys:

  • Rare and collectable toys, including vintage toys
  • Soft stuffed toys
  • Models, including vehicles and figures
  • Trainsets and car sets
  • Computer/video games
  • Dolls, including ornamental and display dolls and figures
  • Jigsaw puzzles
  • Plastic, wood or metal toys
  • Board games of all kinds
  • Baby and preschool toys
  • Creative and DIY craft kits
  • Educational toys
  • Fancy dress
  • Outdoor toys
  • Action figures

Artem Beliaikin,

How can I donate my children's toys?

Donating children’s toys has never been easier than it is with Oxfam GB. Simply put the toys in a bag or box and take them to your local Oxfam shop. You can also donate items by post for free. Remember to sign up to Gift Aid to raise an extra 25% at no cost to you!

What types of toys can we not accept?

We can't accept dirty or broken toys or toys with sharp edges. We ask that you wash soft toys in particular before donation, unless they're brand new. We also can't accept incomplete toys, like sets of board games or puzzles with missing pieces. These can't be resold.

Buying toys, board games and puzzles from Oxfam

Cleared out your outgrown toys and need to find something new to entertain little ones? We have a huge range of toys for sale in our shops, and online. Including cuddly soft toys and all kinds of games.