Tag Your Bag when you donate clothes to Oxfam shops.

Tag Your Bag

No longer a UK tax payer or haven't paid enough tax to cover what we'll claim?

When you signed up to Gift Aid you confirmed that you were a UK taxpayer. Oxfam can only claim Gift Aid on your donations if you are a UK taxpayer and have paid sufficient tax to cover what we will claim, so please let us know if you have stopped paying or aren't paying enough tax. You can do this by completing our close gift aid form emailing us at heretohelp@oxfam.org.uk or giving our Supporter Relations team a call on 0300 200 1300.

No longer happy to donate to Oxfam?

Our volunteers work hard to sell items in Oxfam shops in order to help with Oxfam's mission to overcome poverty and suffering and as every penny counts we hope you will be happy for Oxfam to use the money raised by the sale of your items.

However if you wish to receive the proceeds from the sale of your items (minus our commission deduction* that was reflected in the total we included in the email) rather than donate them to Oxfam, you can write to us at Supporter Relations, Oxfam House, John Smith Drive, Oxford, OX4 2JY within 21 days of the date of this email, stating your Donor number and giving us the account name, account number and sort code of the bank account that you would like us to credit. Please note we can only accept these instructions in writing, not by email, and we cannot issue cheques, so it is essential that you supply your bank account details.

We aim to complete the refund within 30 working days, although it is likely to be sooner than this.

We hope you understand that if you request to receive the proceeds from the sale of your items we will need to remove you from the list of people taking part in the Tag Your Bag scheme. Any goods you bring to Oxfam in future (including under future registrations) will be treated as non-Gift Aided donations.

*To be compliant with financial regulations, and continue to contribute positively to Oxfam's work, we need to apply a commission charge on the amount raised from the sale of your items, which is deducted before we write to you about what has been raised. This commission charge is 3%.