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Hooran watering a barren chalky muddy field in pakistan with a green watering can
Hooran watering a barren chalky muddy field in pakistan with a green watering can

The Human Impact of Climate Change - Resources for Secondary Schools

Classroom activities for ages 11-16

  • Engaging and thought-provoking activities to bring climate justice into the classroom.
  • Use film, role play and debate to investigate the human element of the climate crisis.
  • Curricular links include Citizenship, Geography and Social Studies.

Teaching about climate justice

Climate change is threatening humankind and pushing people into poverty. While the climate crisis is affecting us all, it’s hitting some communities harder than others – and it’s the people who’ve done the least to cause it who’re suffering the most. Who you are and where you are in the world matters.

Resource aims

  • Investigate the links between climate change and human rights.
  • Start to develop understanding of intersectionality and its relevance to the climate emergency.
  • Use films from around the globe to explore climate change impacts and potential solutions.
  • Promote critical thinking, debate and discussion.

Films for use in Activity 3

Ghana: rising sea levels threaten a community

Kenya: 'Young people are stepping up to the challenge'

The UK and Malawi: 'Let's take action now!'

Burkina Faso: The Story of Aguiratou Ouedraogo

Guatemala: Lucas' life without rain

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Our climate action guide has practical advice, classroom activities and helpful planning tools to inspire young people to make change happen.

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