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A placard at the London climate strikes in September 2019
A placard at the London climate strikes in September 2019

Support young people to take action for climate justice

Youth climate action guide for ages 9-16

There are many ways in which we can all take climate action, from making changes in our own lives to joining with others to speak out for the right of everyone to a fairer and greener future. All are important.

Aimed at teachers and educators, this short guide is packed with practical advice, classroom activities and helpful planning tools to inspire young people to take action for climate justice at school.

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Taking action can support young people to:

  • Strengthen skills such as leadership, communication and decision-making
  • Improve their confidence, well-being and mental resilience
  • Feel valued, engaged and involved
  • Make their voices heard on issues that affect them
  • Develop their sense of agency
  • Build empathy and connections with others
  • Manage eco-anxiety

What is climate justice?

Climate change is threatening humankind and pushing people into poverty. While the climate crisis is affecting us all, it’s hitting some communities harder than others – and it’s the people who’ve done the least to cause it who’re suffering the most. Who you are and where you are in the world matters.

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Nurjahan stands in floodwater with a bundle of sticks on her back and mud on her hands and smiles


At Oxfam, we take a Learn-Think-Act approach that gives young people the opportunity to:

  • Learn about the challenges facing our world
  • Think critically about how to solve them
  • Act as responsible global citizens

We've put together resources for primary and secondary schools to help young people learn and think about the human impact of climate change. We recommend using these activities before supporting young people to take any self-directed action they may decide to take.

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Schools Speak Out

Join our network of school groups who are making a difference in the world. Through Schools Speak Out, young people can learn new skills, develop confidence and take part in our latest campaigns.