Illustration of blue person running
Illustration of blue person running

Fundraise by myself

Taking on a personal fundraising challenge is a brilliant way of trying something new or spending more time doing something you really love – all while raising money for a good cause. We’ve included some ideas to get you going, but feel free to take them as inspiration and make them your own.

Sponsored run, walk or swim

…or anything sporty you can think of! Sign up for one of our challenges on the Oxfam website, or make up your own.

Donate your birthday

Instead of asking for presents, ask your loved ones to donate their gift budgets to Oxfam instead.

Host a dinner party

Perfect for foodies – this fundraiser is a great way of getting people together. Just ask for a donation from your guests.

Hold a livestream

Whether you play your favourite game or hold a debate, you could use a livestream platform and encourage viewers to donate to your cause, or get friends to pledge ahead of time.

Give something up

This can be anything from sugar to alcohol, or even buying new clothes – whatever works best for you – and ask people to sponsor your challenge.

Richard Blaxall / Oxfam

"I've always believed in the fight against poverty and inequality."

After cheering on Oxfam runners at the London Marathon – including some he saw in firefighter gear – Jorden felt inspired: “Watching sparked a thought: If they can do that, why can't I run in clogs?” Clogs were common where Jorden grew up in the Netherlands – it was a chance to put his identity into his fundraising. But there was another twist. “I discovered I could set a world record,” he told us. “I committed to the challenge, knowing the money raised was going to help Oxfam's work.”