Regular volunteers Charlie, Linda and Helen chatting at Marylebone shop
Regular volunteers Charlie, Linda and Helen chatting at Marylebone shop

Questions about volunteering

Volunteers are the heartbeat of our movement to end poverty around the world. Find answers to the most frequently asked questions about volunteering with Oxfam.

We've got hundreds of volunteer vacancies advertised online. Once you have submitted your application, we will contact you with details of the selection process. 

If you would like to volunteer in your local Oxfam shop you can apply online or stop by your local shop to find out more.

We do not send volunteers overseas. In common with many other major overseas charities, projects that Oxfam supports are actually managed by local development agencies in the country or region in need. These agencies mostly find the workers they need among the local population.

Oxfam is not able to support individuals who need visas to come to the UK to volunteer. Oxfam cannot support volunteer visas, as we do not have the correct licence to do so.

Most UK visas allow people to volunteer, although some may have restrictions to the number of hours you can volunteer. If you are not sure if your visa allows you to volunteer we suggest you contact the UK Border Agency. Please note that Tourist/ Visitor visas and Student Visitor visas (usually students visiting for 6 months or less) do not allow people to volunteer.

Interns are volunteers with clearly defined roles, which are predominantly project-based. Interns are formally recruited and managed. Interns tend to be recruited for a specific period of time of either 3, 6 or 12 months. We expect interns to volunteer for between 2-4 days per week. Find out more about internships and search our volunteer vacancies for the latest opportunities.

All of the internships you will find on this website are based in England, Scotland and Wales.

Oxfam internships can take place in our head office in Oxford, in parts of our shops network, and in regional offices around the UK. Search our volunteer opportunities for the latest opportunities.

Like all Oxfam volunteers, interns are eligible for reimbursement of reasonable expenses, including: lunch, which will be reimbursed (up to £6) when you volunteer for a significant number of hours before and after lunch; and reasonable local travel costs to and from the place that you are volunteering.

Beyond this, we are not able to offer interns any additional financial support (if we did you would no longer be classed legally as a volunteer). However, we try to offer flexible volunteering hours, to fit with other commitments you may have (for example, a part-time job, or child care).

Oxfam cannot cover accommodation costs, flights, general living expenses or the expenses of any dependants.

No, doing an internship will not guarantee you a job with Oxfam. Our internships are designed to offer work experience. However, interns can apply for paid vacancies, including those which are only advertised internally. For obvious reasons an intern would need to have proven themselves in their current role, before expecting their volunteering experience to assist in an application to a paid post.

Oxfam GB recruits for interns throughout the year, wherever there is a demand. Recruitment for specific positions generally takes place one month before the advertised start date.

If you have any further questions about internships, please email