Conflict has left 100 million people without the food they need to survive.

Help families facing hunger

Families forced to flee conflict in search of safety are often left with little more than the clothes on their backs.

We can't let people face this hunger crisis alone.

You can help people who have lost so much. Your donation could help get emergency food to families today and help build the peace and security they need for tomorrow.

You could help

  • Emergency food for families experiencing hunger

    Get emergency food to families in crisis

    Emergency food packages distributed to people facing hunger include cooking oil, rice, tomatoes and pasta. Families can also receive money to buy exactly what they need. Cash payments are a vital source of support when the cost of food spirals, or violence forces a family to leave their home.

  • Alizeta in Burkina Faso.

    Grow food again

    Supporting families with seeds, tools and training to help them grow food again and earn a living. When conflict disrupts livelihoods, it is so important to help people get back on their feet. From new equipment to a business start-up grant, you could give people the help they need to start again.

  • Houda Barouni, 55 years old, is the vice mayor of Houmt Souk.

    Build lasting peace

    Supporting marginalised groups to lead the path to lasting, inclusive peace. Women, youth and grassroots movements are often the first to call for peace and heal division. With your support, we can help make more voices heard in peacebuilding efforts.

Where your money could go

Why peacebuilding matters

Conflict is fuelling a devastating hunger crisis and has left nearly 100 million people without the food they need to survive.

Can you imagine how hard it is to put food on the table, when armed groups destroy your crops? Force your family to flee with nothing? Or stop you from accessing food supplies altogether?

To stop hunger, we must build a more peaceful world.

We are working alongside local partners to raise the voices of women and other marginalised groups to make sure they are part of the decision-making processes that affect their lives. Together we are pushing for a future where every family has a right to be safe.

Your donations could provide a lifeline for families facing hunger today but it also does so much more by help drive vital peacebuilding work.