11 people could die every minute from hunger by the end of the year

Help families facing hunger

Please help. Climate change is destroying harvests, conflict is forcing people to flee and preventing access to food and other aid, and Covid-19 has put people out of work. These crises have left families in desperate need of help. 11 people could die every minute from hunger by the end of the year if no immediate action is taken. A donation from you could help a family experiencing hunger put food on the table.

We’re supporting people by

  • Emergency food for families experiencing hunger

    Getting emergency food to families now

    Our teams are distributing food packages to people facing hunger that include items like cooking oil, rice, tomatoes and pasta. They’re also providing money so families can buy what they need.

  • Beehives

    Providing skills training

    People are learning new ways to earn a living in a changing climate, such as beekeeping and how to farm using drought-resistant seeds.

  • Sarah at the Nyanyadzi Irrigation Scheme

    Getting clean water flowing

    When water flows, food can grow. A donation from you could help people access innovative ways to continue farming in a changing climate.

Where your money could go


Families in Tigray are suffering from the combined threats of violence, human rights abuses, hunger, locusts, and Covid-19. Over five million people need humanitarian help with more than 400,000 people in a hunger catastrophe.

REUTERS/Baz Ratner

Oxfam is working with local partners to provide clean water and hygiene support. And will be delivering food through the UN convoy if the security situation does not deteriorate. With the help from donations, our teams plan to reach 400,000 people with life-saving help. The needs there are significant.


In Zimbabwe, farmers are challenged by climate change with repeated droughts and flash floods threatening harvest and crops.

The Nyanyadzi river feeds a gravity-powered irrigation scheme the covers more than 400 hectares of fields, reaching over 720 farmers like Sarah. You could help to find long-term solutions like this for people in Zimbabwe and around the world.

You could help to find long-term solutions for people like Sarah in Zimbabwe and around the world.


Over six years of conflict in Yemen has destroyed lives, livelihoods and forced millions of people to flee their homes. As a result, over 24 million people desperately need help to survive.

Conflict forced Hanan her to flee her home in Yemen with her two young daughters. They now live in Ammar bin Yasser camp. Unable to find work, she now struggles to feed her family. You could help support people in Yemen in the short and long term.