Two women work in a field in Burkina Faso

In the face of climate change in Burkina Faso, Oxfam and ATAD supported farmer Alizeta Sawadogo to learn new food growing techniques so she can continue to feed her family, and pay for medical and school fees. Photo: Samuel Turpin/Oxfam

I have learned to produce organic food using environmentally friendly techniques.”

Alizeta, Burkina Faso

Payroll giving

If you want to make a regular donation to Oxfam, payroll giving is a great way to do it. It's easy to set up, it’s automatic, and because it’s tax-free, it means your donation can go further towards fighting the injustices of poverty and inequality.

What is payroll giving?

When you set up payroll giving, your employer gives money from your pay directly to Oxfam, before it’s taxed. That means any tax you would have paid on your donation goes to Oxfam. It doesn't cost you a penny more, and because it comes from your pay automatically, once it's set up, you won't have to do anything.

Benefits of payroll giving

As a dedicated Oxfam supporter, every month, you'll help more people raise themselves out of poverty, and tackle the systems that keep people poor. By giving through your payroll before your income is taxed, you can make your donation go further, as any tax you would have paid on your donation goes to Oxfam instead. It doesn't cost you a penny more, and it means more funds towards Oxfam's work. It's also easier than claiming tax back through Gift Aid – so giving through your payroll means Oxfam can spend less time and money on admin costs, and more on the vital work we support around the world.

Giving regularly to Oxfam helps in a special way too: knowing what donations we can expect over the months and years to come means we can plan further into the future and work even more effectively.

Why set up payroll giving to Oxfam GB?

Your monthly donation could fund all sorts of work. Supporting communities facing crises – from floods, to droughts, to conflict – to get what they need, demand their rights, and rebuild with stronger futures. Working with campaigners, farmers, organisations and communities to fight the injustices of climate change. Campaigning for an economy that works for everyone, including the women who overwhelmingly take on the unpaid and undervalued work that we all depend on. Standing with women who challenge systems that ignore, oppress, and exclude them. We act in solidarity with communities, partners, and activists across 67 countries, driving their own change for a more equal future. And when you sign up for payroll giving, you'll be part of that change, around the world, every month.

How to set up payroll giving

It’s easy. If you want to start making donations through payroll, let your HR team know. Complete the online form. Oxfam and your employer will be notified with all the details and set everything up for you. (If your company doesn't operate a payroll giving scheme, we'll notify you, and if you would still like to still support Oxfam financially, we can discuss setting up a direct debit.) Then you can relax, knowing that with every payslip, you continue to be part of the movement to end poverty.

Sign up payroll giving to Oxfam GB now

I have learned to produce organic food using environmentally friendly techniques.”

Alizeta, Burkina Faso