CPD in Scotland

Career-Long Professional Learning

Oxfam Scotland works in collaboration with IDEAS to help teachers incorporate global citizenship into the classroom; across whole schools or learning communities. Global Citizenship is a cross-cutting theme of the Curriculum for Excellence and a core aspect of Learning for Sustainability.

For more information or to book, please email education@oxfam.org.uk

Literacy and global citizenship

Global citizenship themes provide stimulating contexts for reading, writing, talking and listening. We will identify texts and stories which introduce issues of fairness, empathy and diversity; and consider active learning approaches to support the development of critical thinking skills.

Global citizenship through numeracy

Using real-life case studies and data from Oxfam's resources. We will examine how we can support critical thinking about issues and values, while developing a range of mathematical skills including; comparing and ordering numbers, using percentages, measuring time and distance and handling data.

Food for Thought

This course supports teachers to explore why people are hungry in a world where we have plenty of food. The course encourages an interdisciplinary investigation of the global food system and offers teachers a professional reflection element.

Rights and global citizenship

What do Human Rights mean in a global context? How do they link to global citizenship? This course supports teachers at all levels to explore human rights across the curriculum and embed them into the ethos of the school.

The children have an awareness of the wider world and a genuine interest in what is going on around them. They are asking more inquisitive questions and looking for ways in which they can help make a change.”

Primary teacher, Orkney

I found out how naturally Global Citizenship can be incorporated into all aspects of the Curriculum for Excellence.”

Teacher in Aberdeen

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