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Stories from Haiti for 7-11 years

Develop English skills by exploring Haiti's multiple stories.
Melissa Mervilus holding a picture of an earthquake proof house that she painted.

Stories from Haiti is an innovative resource which supports key elements of the English curriculum. Taking the Haitian earthquake as a starting point, learners will use other real-life stories from Haiti to develop their speaking and listening, reading and writing skills.  Activities include opportunities for guided reading and collaborative learning.


Teachers Overview


Background information: Haiti's geography


Background information: Haiti's history


A different version of this resource is also available for ages 11-14

Part One: Up to 2010


Lesson 1

Discover that Haiti has multiple stories of which the earthquake story is a single element

Lesson 2

Find out more about earthquakes and their effects by extracting information from factual texts

Lesson 3

Devise questions about earthquakes and use card games, dominoes and/or a quiz to extend vocabulary. 

Lesson 4

Explore Haiti's history through reading activities and role play

Lesson 5

Study the different language used by UK and Haitian newspapers to report on the earthquake.

Slideshow 1

For use with lessons 1-5.


Part Two: 2011-2014

Lesson 6

Consider how media stories change over time.

Lesson 7

Take on the journalists' role of taking accurate notes when story gathering.


Lesson 8

Create a newspaper report based on direct and reported speech of earthquake survivors.

Lesson 9

Use short facts about earthquake survivors to introduce one another in character.

Lesson 10

Explore the language and devices used in a persuasive leaflet about urban gardening in Port-au-Prince.

Lessons 11 & 12

Produce a creative piece to share stories about earthquake survivors.

Slideshow 2

For use with lessons 6-12.

Stories from Haiti: Up to 2010

Stories from Haiti: A new story

Stories from Haiti: 2011-2014