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Fundraising timeline

We have a wide range of resources on this website, but if you need more help please contact your Local Regional Fundraising Manager.

1. Pick something to do

If it's your first event, keep in simple and start with what you know. If you're an old-hand at putting on events, you could try something more adventurous. Contact your Regional Fundraising Manager for more ideas and support.

Take part in an existing event

We have events happening throughout the year including Oxjam, Trailwalker, running, cycling and more.

Organising your own event

You can get ideas for your own fundraising online or we have plenty of ideas in our fundraising pack.

You could always link up with your Local Fundraising Group.

Get inspired by our supporter stars.


2. Plan your event

  • You can start by ordering a fundraising pack which will give you most of the materials you need. If you need anything extra, like such as tins or buckets, posters, balloons, stickers by calling 0300 200 1300 or emailing or getting in touch with your local Regional Fundraising Manager.
  • Downloadable versions of these materials can be found here.
  • Why not organise an event for World Water Day, International Women's Day or World Food Day in keeping with Oxfam's work?
  • You can read advice for keeping it safe and legal here.
  • Setting up a fundraising page - Online fundraising is a great way to fundraise or supplement offline fundraising set up a page here:
  • If you are getting sponsored to do something, you can find some sponsorship advice here
  • Have you got a question? Our fundraising FAQ might answer that for you or give us a call or email.

3. Promote your event

Make your own Oxfam branded poster with our Poster maker.

Find advice on getting people to your event.


4. Enjoy your event

Congratulations, you've made it to the big day. Take lots of photos, we love to see them and remember that you are saving lives. To see the impact of your fundraising visit our impact page.


5. Pay in your fundraising

Remember there are many ways you can pay in, pick one that suits you

Paying in money from your own fundraising event

If you raised money doing your own fundraiser please use the general fundraising donation form.

Online fundraising pages

If you've set up an Oxfam online fundraising page, the money donated by your sponsors will automatically be sent to us - you don't have to do a thing! Just encourage as many people as you can to make a donation on your page.


Pay by post

If you'd like to send your money in by post, please send your cheque, made payable to 'Oxfam' with a Paying-in form and all your sponsorship forms. (If you'd like to support a specific project please state this.) Please ensure you enclose a covering letter with your full name, postal address and information about your event. 

Please send everything to:
The Oxfam Events Team
Oxfam House
John Smith Drive
Oxford, OX4 2JY

Please remember to send in your sponsorship forms to us, so we can collect Gift Aid - which means Oxfam will receive an extra 25p for every £1 donated.


Pay by phone

To pay your fundraising over the phone please call our Supporter Relations team on 0300 200 1300 and they'll be happy to help.