Major donors

Our team know how personal giving a major gift is. You’ll have one dedicated contact who can guide you through the process of giving to Oxfam and talk you through our inspiring projects that align with your interests and areas you are passionate about supporting.

We are committed to updating you with impact reports and connecting you to our staff and partners around the organisation.

Here’s just one example of a project that you could support:


Women's Rights Fund

Oxfam GB’s Women’s Rights Fund supports small organisations with multi-year flexible funding in Kenya and Palestine. The Fund allows them to invest in their own strategies and long-term priorities, based on what they know their communities need, and support their organisational capacity building.

Critically, these organisations can reach people in a way governments and larger funding institutions can't and can adjust quickly to new challenges faced in their communities.

Eman Shannan, Aid & Hope gala in Gaza in October 2022. Credit: Ein Media

When we got this fund, it was the first time that we feel we are an independent organisation. Nobody forced anything on our activities.”

Eman Shanan – Founder of Oxfam partner Aid and Hope, Gaza.

What a donation to the Women's Rights Fund can achieve

  • £5,000 can support 300 women survivors of cancer in the Gaza Strip with artificial prostheses, helping improve their quality of life.
  • £7,500 can provide approximately 500,400 plates of food for children in informal settlements in Nairobi.
  • £10,000 could pay for two safe shelters in Nairobi for domestic abuse survivors, housing 420 people

Together with our partners, you can support our work towards long term and sustainable solutions to poverty, including tackling root causes like climate justice and inequality.

Be part of the ox-family

Your support would mean so much to us. We would love you to join our movement and become a partner in life-changing work with inspiring people all over the world.

We offer many opportunities to see the impact of your support and the work you make possible, with invites to exclusive in-person and online events, discussions with technical experts and regular reports.

Oxfam supporters discuss innovations in Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH), during a tour of the Humanitarian Supply Warehouse in Bicester, Oxford (March 2022).

Oxfam technical staff provide insight into the products pioneered by Oxfam and our partners, like the ‘lifesaver’ water purification units, which started out as just ambitions. They have since become a standard part of humanitarian response across the global WASH sector – shipped out directly to wherever they are needed.

Email to find out more about upcoming events.

We’re incredibly grateful to all our major donor supporters for all their generosity and commitment in helping us in our work to end poverty.