Women's Rights Fund Partners in Occupied Palestinian Territory (OPT)

The Women's Rights Fund currently partners with four grassroots women’s rights organisations in Occupied Palestinian Territory (OPT).

All Women's Rights Fund partners in Occupied Palestinian Territory have been severely impacted by the ongoing violence and lack of supplies.

Once it is safe to do so, our partners plan to support affected families with food, clothing, hygiene kits, cash, counselling and more.

Oxfam condemns all attacks, violence and targeting of Palestinian and Israeli civilians. You can find out more about Oxfam's response on the Gaza appeal page.

Aid and Hope for Patient Cancer Care

Aid and Hope was founded in Gaza in 2009. They support women with cancer through psychosocial support, access to treatment, income generation projects and skills training.

Eman Shannan, Aid & Hope gala in Gaza in October 2022. Credit: Ein Media

Eman Shannan

Imagine yourself in a place like Gaza with poverty, unemployment... and you can't get out to get your medication. This is the main aim of Aid and Hope. To find ways, to find solutions for all women who have cancer in Gaza.”

Eman Shannan, Director, Aid and Hope, Occupied Palestinian Territory.

Aid and Hope have established the first factory in Gaza for breast prostheses. They currently support 1,700 breast cancer patients and their families in the Gaza strip.

Family Defence Society (FDS)

Shaden Bustami

Shaden speaking at a conference

We are working with abused women and their children. We have the first shelter in Palestine. Providing healthcare and legal advice and legal representation for abused women and their children. We have a helpline and a community awareness programme.”

Shaden Bustami, Director of Family Defence Society (FDS) in Gaza.

Family Defence Society (FDS) was established in 1994. The organisation runs one of the three women’s shelters in the West Bank.

It provides women with skills, training and financial aid so they can support themselves once they leave.

They work in communities with local leaders, men, boys, women, and girls to raise awareness of gender-based violence and combat patriarchal social norms that contribute to it.

FDS supports approximately 1,430 people each year.

Bisan Benevolent Association

Bisan Benevolent Association works with women and young people providing legal, psychological and recreational support to survivors of gender-based violence.

Bisan is run by 9 volunteers and reaches approximately 1,500 community members per year.

Asma and Vafa taking part in a wellbeing session for survivors of gender-based violence organised by Bisan Association in Gaza.  Credit: Rana Gouda, November 2022.

Two women, one blindfolded are smiling and drawing a picture of a face on a flip chart.

We are a charitable organisation that provides services to women, children and men. We implement programmes related to mental health. The key activities that were achieved [through the Women's Rights Fund] included the construction and rehabilitation of a training facility.”

Rana Joudeh, Project Co-ordinator at Bisan, Gaza.

Wefaq Society for Women & Child Care


Receiving support from the Women's Rights Fund promoted the role of Wefaq Society to carry out interventions related to gender-based violence.”

Ahmad abu Sultan, Co-ordinator at Wefaq Society for Women and Child Care.

Wefaq Society for Women and Child Care was founded in 2010.

The organisation works on strengthening the resilience of women survivors of violence. They do this by raising awareness of women's rights, providing women with legal support and representation, counselling as well as community mediation services to solve family problems (such as supporting divorced women's access to their children). Wefaq have 25 employees (5 core staff and 20 project-based staff) and support approximately 600 people per year.

Single Grant Recipients

Association for the Protection of Women and Children (AISHA)

Green placard: I support women and children’s rights. Blue placard: AISHA. Red placard: Children have the right to grown in a loving family. AISHA, Image: Sultan Nassar Joha

A group of women wearing hijab with red green and blue placards with Arabic text on them.

Photo: Sultan Nassar Joha

AISHA works to protect and empower women and child survivors of violence with psycho-social, legal and economic support in the most marginalised communities in Gaza.

The organisation received a one-off grant from the WRF to provide emergency cash support to 50 vulnerable women during the escalation of violence in 2021.