Get involved with the Women's Rights Fund

A contribution to the Women’s Rights Fund can make a real difference to small organisations working to support women, girls and whole communities, in some of the most difficult parts of the world. Every donation brings us closer to providing secure funding for our partner organisations over three years, enabling them to drive positive change in the lives of women and girls.

What your donation could achieve

For a new partner to join the Fund, Oxfam needs to raise approximately £92,000 to offer them secure funding over three years, as well as training, ongoing support and management oversight.

  • £2,500 can pay for 60 tests and provide early cancer detection for women in the Gaza Strip.
  • £5,000 can support 300 women survivors of cancer in the Gaza Strip with artificial prostheses, helping improve their quality of life.
  • £7,500 can provide approximately 500,400 plates of food for children in informal settlements in Nairobi.
  • £10,000 could pay for two safe shelters in Nairobi for domestic abuse survivors, housing 420 people.

Help women lead the way

Let’s change the landscape so that women’s rights organisations can lead the way. We’d love to count on your support.

To find out more about the Women’s Rights Fund, please contact

Hilary Dent, donor.

"My main reason for really loving this project, is the new approach. That we are not controlling what happens to these funds. We are just providing people who already work in these fields with funds that they desperately need. And here was a project that was going to do that, and I was really excited about it."

Hilary Dent, Donor

Typical costs per partner over the 3 year cycle:
£60,000 Grants to Partners
£12,000 Training and Capacity Strengthening
£14,000 Ongoing support by Oxfam country teams
£6,000 Oxfam management oversight: financial monitoring, evaluation and learning