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As we have seen recently in the media, sexual abuse and harassment is a serious problem in many parts of society. Oxfam is no different.

Oxfam treats all allegations of sexual abuse very seriously and investigates each one thoroughly. We have a confidential 'whistle-blowing' helpline, a dedicated Safeguarding Team, and safeguarding contact points within countries.

In recent years we have worked hard not only to raise awareness amongst staff and improve how we handle complaints but also to change the culture in which we work to prevent the abuse of power in the first place and to support those that speak out.

We encourage people to report wherever they have a concern - and we have seen more people come forward as a result. We believe that only by being open and transparent about the problem can we tackle it.

We are committed to continually learning and improving in order to protect our staff, volunteers and beneficiaries from sexual harassment and abuse.

Oxfam's safeguarding and related policies