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Burundi refugee crisis

Fear of violence and intimidation is forcing thousands of people to flee their homes. There are now over 200,000 refugees from Burundi in Tanzania.

Tens of thousands are in urgent need of clean water, adequate sanitation, health care, food and shelter.

Without these basic needs being met, the risk of disease is dangerously high. Oxfam is there, but funds are urgently needed to provide essential materials such as tents, water pipes, water storage tanks and medical supplies.

A donation to Oxfam's Emergency Fund can help us respond to disasters and emergencies as soon as possible.

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Updated: 9/1/18

Photo: James Akena

Oxfam's response

Over 200,00 Burundians are now in Tanzania. 120,000 in Nduta camp, almost 70,000 in Nyarugusu camp and nearly 50,000 in Mtendeli camp in Kigoma region of N.W. Tanzania

Voluntary repatriation has been happening since September, but despite this the camps remain congested with majority of refugees still unwilling to return, basic needs of clean water, sanitation, health care, food and shelter have to be met.

Oxfam is responding in Nyarugusu  and Nduta refugee camps, providing clean water to 189,108 refugees, constructing latrines and carrying out hygiene education among the refugee community to reduce the risk of the spread of disease.

With the on-set of the rainy season, a cholera outbreak remains a major threat. So far up to 900 cases have been confirmed in different districts of Kigoma region, educating people about how the disease is transmitted, and how to avoid this, is critical.


Oxfam staff in Tanzania load water and sanitation equipment onto a lorry in preparation for the arrival of Burundian refugees.

Photo: Bill Marwa

More information about the Burundi refugee crisis

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