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7 images from the Nepal earthquake response

Oxfam is in Nepal, providing clean water, sanitation, shelter and emergency food support to those affected by the April's earthquake. But the level of need is immense - many more people urgently need help.

1. Before and after the earthquake. Use your mouse to see the previously empty Tundikhel Park start to fill with people seeking shelter. The 'before' photo was taken by satellite on 27 August, the 'after' two days after the earthquake.


2. New arrivals at Tundikhel camp battle heavy afternoon rains. The start of the monsoon season is expected to hamper relief efforts. Along with large camps such as Tundikhel, hundreds of much smaller camps have been established across Kathmandu. Credit: Aubrey Wade


3. 12 tonnes of humanitarian aid has left Oxfam's Bicester Warehouse in the UK for Nepal. An additional five tonnes of water and sanitation materials have been dispatched from Oxfam's warehouse in Barcelona to help those hit by the crisis. Credit: Ed Berry


4. Oxfam staff load latrine slabs onto a truck at Oxfam's office in Kathmandu to be delivered to Nawukot. Credit: Pablo Tosco


5. Oxfam buckets are vital to help people collect water for drinking and washing. Credit: Pablo Tosco


6. Tundikhel camp is one of the biggest IDP camps in Kathmandu. Oxfam has installed an 11,000 litre capacity water tank to help serve the 15,000 people sheltering there. Credit: Pablo Tosco


7. Saim fled her home with her family when the earthquake began. She has found shelter in Tundikhel IDP camp. Credit: Pablo Tosco

Hundreds of thousands of people have suddenly been left without adequate food, water, shelter and medical care. We need to act fast.”
Jane Cocking
Oxfam Humanitarian Director

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