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Why I’m calling Aldi out for not being #EverydayAmazing

This week Oxfam has launched the latest phase of Behind the Barcodes, our new global campaign to end the human suffering behind our supermarket food. We've ranked six major UK supermarkets...

Behind the barcodes

Behind the Barcodes: Keep the pressure up!

On June 21st Oxfam launched its new campaign to end human suffering and poverty in supermarket supply chains. Oxfam's new research shows that often the people who produce the food we buy are...

Why I'm Speaking Up on Climate Change to my MP

Olivia Paine, Campaigns and Policy Officer, reflects on her recent trip to Bangladesh and explains why she wrote to her MP during the Climate Coalition's Speak Up Week. ...

Photo: Vladimir Zivojinovic / Oxfam

Stand As One: Refugees trapped on Europe’s peripheries

Paluasha is sitting with her head resting on a pile of clothes and blankets on the table in front of her, trying to sleep. The refugee centre in Belgrade is bustling. There has just been a torrential...

Suthep Kritsanavarin/Oxfam

Oxfam and business: both striving to get it right

Living in Bangladesh for many years, I saw for myself the difference that having a job in the garments industry made to so many young women's lives. The income - in a society where there were...

Oxfam staff member helps a child fill a water bottle

For those who have fled Eastern Ghouta, life now comes with different challenges

Queuing from dawn until mid-afternoon for the chance of a hot meal, living eight people to a small tent, stagnant dirty water risking waterborne diseases as the temperature rises, and a shortage...

From an Oxfam shop to tying the knot

Nousha and Henry, now husband and wife, met each other while volunteering in an Oxfam shop one afternoon. The couple have kindly shared their heart-warming account of where their Oxfam journey has...

Duoi Ampilan

The donkey that smiles

Oxfam emergencies expert Duoi Ampilan discusses what motivates him to stay strong in challenging conditions - and explains why he compares himself to a certain farmyard animal. ...

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Sing for Peace at Highclere Castle

Sing for Peace at Highclere Castle is a fundraising event for Oxfam's Syria crisis appeal ...

Frame taken from film - silhouette of man carrying out a heist in a hospital

The Heist We're Talking About And What The UK Government Should Do To Help Stop It

400 million people worldwide don't have access to essential healthcare services1. For Cecilia who lives in Zambia, the impact of this has been all too real. Her friend - and her friend's...

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