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Made with care

The skilled artisans who have made your Sari bag have put a lot of love and care into it.

Aurelie Marrier D'Unienville / Oxfam

Ediah and her family

Ediah sits with 3 of her children outside her home in Masvingo District, Zimbabwe.

By giving a monthly gift, you’re showing so much care for families like Ediah’s. And with that support, Ediah is showing a lot of love and care for her community. She leads a scheme that provides safe, clean water on tap – from a solar powered system.

Meera*, an artisan from Sourced by Oxfam supplier ‘I was a Sari’, cuts fabric for a reusable tote bag in the Mumbai workshop. Credit: Crystabelle Terani.

Supporting livelihoods

Our Sari bag making fair trade partners are creating jobs so that marginalised women can earn a living.

It’s a poignant way to show that your monthly gift is also helping more people like Meera* to earn and work for a better future. Whatever their individual circumstances, Meera and other women come to Oxfam’s partner Community Outreach Programme and Charitable Trust vocational training centres and skilling up into artisans. By being involved in this initiative, artisans and their families are able to gain new skills, financial independence and hope for the future.

*not her real name

Protecting people and planet

Your bag is made from recycled Sari material, saving fabric from landfill and reducing the need for raw materials.

We care about sustainability because climate change is affecting the poorest people in the world first and worst. Your gift means we can be prepared to take action fast when climate disaster strikes.

Mariatu, Aminata, Ramatu and Magdalene on their 14 acre cassava farm in Sierra Leone. Credit: Nana Kofi Acquah / Oxfam

Mariatu, Aminata, Ramatu and Magdalene on their 14 acre cassava farm in Sierra Leone.

Mariatu, Aminata, Ramatu and Magdalene on their 14 acre cassava farm in Sierra Leone.

Meet Mariatu, Aminata, Ramatu, and Magdalene. In five years, with a grant from Oxfam to their organisation The Female Pastoralists Network, they turned small cassavas into a thriving business that supports women and nourishes hungry children in their community. Will you join a global community turning small items into lasting change?

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