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Strategic partnership

Strategic partnerships

Credit: Unilever

Work with Oxfam to help deliver key themes in your sustainable business strategy including; women’s economic empowerment, livelihoods, sustainable supply chains, humanitarian response and environmental impact.

This can be delivered either through programmatic partnerships or advice & consultancy from our private sector team on issues such as human rights, livelihoods and gender.

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Partnerships in action


Pasta pouring into saucepan with Unilever and Oxfam logos.

Our partnership with Unilever crosses a number of themes linked to Unilever's Sustainable Living Plan and community engagement programme.

Projects include working with Unilever to incorporate thousands of smallholder farmers into their global supply chain, our shared community engagement programme helping people living in poverty in the UK, a multi-country women's economic empowerment programme, as well as Unilever's support for our humanitarian work. We also sit on the Unilever Sustainable Sourcing Advisory Board and provide research and insight into key supply chain issues such as labour rights and women's empowerment


This partnership has transformed the security, speed and efficiency with which Oxfam can distribute lifesaving funds to people affected by natural disaster, whilst for VISA it has supported the company in its mission to provide financial access to everyone everywhere.

Families are often left with nothing in the wake of a disaster and being given access to money can be the lifeline they need to get back on their feet. However, direct cash grants have their limitations due to security and speed of distribution. Oxfam and Visa have combined their expertise and experience in finance and disaster response to create a first of its kind solution - a pre-paid cash card that could be quickly distributed during times of crisis, and used instantaneously and safely by beneficiaries.

This has been a truly transformational partnership and plans are now afoot to scale up and replicate the project for future humanitarian responses.

Case study: Visa


Our partnership with M&S supports the company's 'Plan A' Corporate Social Responsibility strategy, whilst helping Oxfam fight poverty worldwide.

Through the successful 'shwopping' partnership between Oxfam and M&S, shoppers can donate unwanted clothes to Oxfam at over 360 M&S stores, or donate unwanted M&S clothes to Oxfam shops. This reduces the number of used garments going to landfill and helps M&S shrink its carbon footprint. In addition, shwopping raises vital funds for Oxfam's work in the UK and overseas.

More generally, we support and advise M&S on its sustainability plan and continue to develop new initiatives that support both organisations' aims.

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