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Keeping people safe

Keeping peoplesafe

From constantly improving safeguarding policies, to installing solar lights that make refugee camps more secure, keeping people safe is a vital part of our work worldwide. And last year, we made some big changes to better protect the people we serve.

Credit: Abbie Trayler-Smith/ Oxfam

Update: how we're tackling abuse

Since February, we've changed how we protect staff, volunteers and the people we work with worldwide. Take a look at our latest update to see the progress we've made.

Independent Commission Report

We appointed an Independent Commission to investigate and highlight areas where we need to improve our safeguarding. Read more here.

Case studies

"We train volunteers so they can teach other refugees and spread good hygiene messages"

Iffat's one of so many dedicated people doing life-saving work in disaster situations all over the world. She works with Rohingya refugees as part of our team in Bangladesh - taking time to listen to people and understand the challenges they are facing. Her empathy and patience helps her to build good relationships with refugees, so she can find the best way to protect them from disease.

"When we first arrived in Bangladesh we didn't have any food or money."

Asia is one of many women living in crowded refugee camps in Bangladesh. Life is tough, but it got a bit easier when our local team gave her this portable solar lamp and installed solar-powered lights nearby. After everything she's been through, and with two children to care for on her own, at least Asia is safer now when she goes out after dark.

"I'm going to school on my Oxfam bicycle."

Grace's two-hour walk to school in rural Malawi made her vulnerable. It was unsafe, she was often late and her work suffered. She used to worry about her journey. But everything changed when she got a bike from Oxfam. These days, it's easier - and safer - for Grace to get the education she needs to leave poverty behind for good.

Oxfam's safeguarding and related policies

Got a question?

If you'd like to know more about our work, or the changes we're making to keep people safe around the world, please do get in touch.